Custom Garment Dye & Wash Treatments

With our premium PFD (Prepared-for-Dye) blanks, there are limitless color possibilities. Our premium PFD blanks are silicone washed, pre-shrunk and can be dyed ANY color, ANY wash or ANY dye treatment with beautiful results. 

ANY COLOR: We add the color after each piece has been cut and sewn. Our premium PFD blanks can be colored any color in the rainbow. 

PRE-LAUNDEREDAfter the garments are dyed, they go through a softener and enzyme wash, resulting in a super soft, high quality look and feel.

PRE-SHRUNK: Our garments are cut based on calculated shrinkage formulas and are pre-shrunk in industrial dryers. They won't shrink when you wash them at home.

NO TORQUE: Some fabrics twist after wash, which you can  see when the sides of a shirt do not look straight.  Our premium PFD blanks do not torque.

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tie dye tees

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