Protect your name, logo, or slogan


1. What Is A Trademark?

A trademark is a word, phrase, logo, or symbol that represents a company or its products. A trademark protects a company's intellectual property. 

2. Why Register Your Trademark?

Trademark Registration safeguards your brand and gives you the power to stop others from profiting from your mark.



Own Exclusive Rights

Prevent Infringement

Boost Brand Value

Secure the intellectual property of your brand by getting it registered. Protect your business's name, slogan, and logo from misuse. Trademark registration can help companies strengthen their brand reputation and take legal action against imitators and copycats. Protecting your Trademark strengthens your brand value. It safeguards the exploitation of your ideas and builds customer loyalty.


3. What Can Be Trademarked?  

    * Names:  Like Nike

    * Logos: Like the Nike Swoosh

    * Slogans: Like Nike's "Just do it"

4. What Cannot Be Trademarked? 

    * Songs, books, films, or other creative work—you'll need a copyright

     * Inventions like machines, goods, chemical formulas, or technical processes—you'll need a patent

 5. How Long Will It Take To Register My Trademark?

Ideally, it will take six to nine months to register your trademark, if you are currently using your mark in commerce.

The USPTO will review your application within a few months, and then either send an Office action with questions or concerns, or approve your trademark for publication. If published and there are no objections by the public within 30 days, your mark is officially registered.

If you're not yet using your mark in commerce, it can take longer. After making it through the previous steps, the USPTO will grant a Notice of Allowance—which says they'll register your mark once you provide proof of use in commerce through a Statement of Use. Once that's submitted and approved, your mark is officially registered.

 What We Do 

Our easy, efficient 3-step trademark registration process minimizes the risk of conflict and maximizes your chances of success





 Answer a few questions related to your brand such as first use of the mark and provide information about your mark such as specimens.  


We run a thorough domestic and international trademark search to determine whether the trademark is currently in use.


We file a trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). You will receive confirmation and update emails directly from the USPTO.