Custom Color

We are custom color experts. From Tie Dyes, Mineral, Crystal or Vintage Washes, to Pigment and Reactive Dyes we offer a wide selection of custom color options.  

With our premium PFD (Prepared-for-Dye) blanks, there are limitless color possibilities. Our premium PFD blanks are silicone washed, pre-shrunk and can be dyed ANY color, ANY wash or ANY dye treatment with beautiful results. 

ANY COLOR: We add the color after each piece has been cut and sewn. Our premium PFD blanks can be colored any color in the rainbow. 

PRE-LAUNDEREDAfter the garments are dyed, they go through a softener and enzyme wash, resulting in a super soft, high quality look and feel.

PRE-SHRUNK: Our garments are cut based on calculated shrinkage formulas and are pre-shrunk in industrial dryers. They won't shrink when you wash them at home.

NO TORQUE: Some fabrics twist after wash, which you can  see when the sides of a shirt do not look straight.  Our premium PFD blanks do not torque. 

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)  72 units per color/per style 

Usual Turnaround Time

2-3 weeks (may vary depending on quantity of units) upon color approval of the first sample. When there is a higher volume of custom dye orders, turnaround time is approximately 3-4 weeks. 

Click here to select from the Pantone Color Chart.

*Please make sure the total units per color/per style match up to 72 units each, or else we will not be able to draft a quote. 

*When doing a bulk order, we always do a first sample of each color to make sure we get color approval before doing the rest of the bulk. 

*Custom Dye Samples are only made available when a bulk order is placed and paid.

*There may be some damages that occur during the dye process. Typical fallout from dyeing is approximately 4% of the entire order. We will refund any damages or shortages outside of the 4% tile. We can also re-dye the damages/shortages as long as we have the units available.

*Freight charges will be charged after the order has been completely fulfilled in which we will send a separate pay link for. 

*Buyer will be notified once the goods have been counted, QC’d (quality controlled), and ready to ship. 

*Once your custom dye order has been shipped, it is the customer’s responsibility to do another quality control check within 14 business days upon delivery date and let us know via email at, if there are any damages or shortages. If there is no email notification after 14 business days, YOUR LOGO PRINT, is not responsible for any damages or shortage findings. If the customer is sending their custom dyed goods straight to a print shop, finisher, another client, etc. - they are still required and responsible to do their own quality control check within the time frame of 14 business days upon delivery and emailing us, YOUR LOGO PRINT, to let us know of any damages or shortages. Phone calls will not be permitted, only email notifications. 

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